Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Before I write something else I want to say that I started this blog with a great enthusiasthim but because of work pressure (my workplace is 70 KM away from my house and I travel by train its took 1.7 hours)and time limits I’m not regular a blogger. I only manage some time in weekends for blogging and that time I spend with my blog http://govtsurvey.blogspot.com/ Sometimes I tell my wife that I only live in weekends.. Ohh lots of time for my favourite woks and hobbies.
I often try to do new things even if it for experimental purpose! last year I have a wish in my mind that I will try to grow mushroom in my house. I have read one book on mushroom and tried with paddy straw and wheat grains and followed the process but all in vain, nothing has come out.
This year I have tried again but with little more knowledge and equipment, a polythine bag which has small holes in circle in layers. Paddy straw pieces into in 1 inch small pieces, wetted into a big pot for four hours with water and putted in the polythine bag by pressing hard. Then spawn which is collected by my wife is given into bag into each layer.

After 15 days the polyphone bag becomes like this:-
After one month I have sprayed water on the polyphone bag one times daily to keep moister into the bag.

It’s about one month ten days took to mushroom come out. For the two bags of 2 feet height production cost is Rs.50 INR (for spawn)+Labour cost.
Temperature is becoming hot now. I have now spraying water three times daily to keep the bed cool and to keep mushroom buds alive and to bloom.

It’s time to taste the mushroom.
Mushroom Buds


Mushrooms Bags

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