Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Time

Spring time '..when I was young'
It is nice to see and have the spring time flowers.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eden Garden Flower Show 2012 at Kolkata.

This is my third visit in this winter to Flower Shows.This time I have visited Eden Garden Flower Show 2012 at Kolkata on 27th Jan 2012.There is something missing,this year its like so so..I have not enjoyed this Flower Show.Whatever may be the reason previous years show was a grand one. However I like to post some of my pictures which have been taken :

Green Fair at Tarakeswar,W.B. India.

A long years after, this year Tarakeswar shows their love to green by organizing a Green Fair namely Sabuj Mela 2012 on 3rd Week of Jan 2012. In this fair Flower Show, Agricultural Products Show, Cactus Succulents Bonsai Show, Book Fair Cultural Program etc was organized. In this season of fair and as I maniac to visit fairs, some pictures of this Sabuj Mela posted below:

Monday, January 2, 2012

Flower Show at Malda,West Bengal,India

A Flower Show with Cactus Bonsai and Agri products has been organised in Malda,West Bengal,India by Horticultural Society,Malda from 29th Dec 2011 to 1st Jan 2012. I have visited this show and some snapshots of this.

Dalia Flower
Dalia Flower

Chandramullika (Pumpum Variety)

Dalia Flower

Capsicum at Tub

Orange at Tub

Capsicam at Tub
Cactus at show

Cactus at Show

Cactus at Show
Cactus at Show
Bonsai at show

Bonsai at show

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